JD Group is a modern enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of micro water pumps and air pumps. After more than ten years of development, it has become an outstanding enterprise in this field in China and won many titles, such as national high-tech enterprises, exemplary organization of scientific and technological innovation, etc. We have a professional research and development team led by professional and experienced engineers, with strong technical force! At present, the company has designed and developed hundreds of products, and can also design and develop new products according to customer needs to achieve customer exclusive customization!

20000 +
He company's production site covers an area of nearly 20000 square meters
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With nearly 500 high-quality employees
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It has nearly 100 superintendents
1. Wash fruits and vegetables. It can effectively remove pesticide residues, hormones, and preservatives from fruits and vegetables, destroy the outer wall of residual insect eggs on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and eliminate them.
Dishwasher is a device that automatically cleans dishes such as bowls, chopsticks, plates, knives, forks, and other utensils. The fully automatic dishwashers on the market can be divided into two categories: household and commercial. Household fully automatic dishwashers are only suitable for households, mainly including cabinet type, desktop type, sink integrated type, and integrated type.
The ozone disinfection and sterilization machine uses natural air as the raw material, and generates high concentration ozone through high-frequency and high-voltage discharge in an electronic manner. Ozone, which is a more active oxygen atom than oxygen molecules, has particularly active chemical properties and is a strong oxidant. At a certain concentration, it can quickly kill fine bacteria in the air, mainly used to eliminate various toxic substances and harmful microorganisms in the living environment.